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A Truly Practical Floor:The TruGrit Polished Concrete process utilizes the existing structural slab and applies a progressively finer series of diamond tooling to smooth and sand the floor, honing it to the desired final finish. This process is done with specialized grinding and dust extraction equipment to capture the airborne dust. The procedure is customized to the customers needs and desires for the aesthetics of the floor, and allows for endless customization. In high traffic and abuse areas, additional stain protection can be added. If a high end look is required, dyes, stencils, and saw cuts can be added to create the perfect floor for the space.

Whether retail, industrial, commercial, or residential, TruGrit Polished Concrete is truly the most practical floor in the industry to provide the look, durability, and low maintenance practicality needed.

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Polished concrete is the most durable, cost-effective flooring options available. A one-time installation is typically lower in cost than floor coverings, and there is no down time waiting for a chemical to cure. Maintenance requires very little effort and cost.

Polished concrete not only makes sense financially, it also is one of the most ecological floor systems available. Polished concrete enhances the structural slab to provide an aesthetically pleasing, highly reflective surface. There is no consumption of additional petroleum based materials used to cover the floor. This combined with its endurance and minimal required maintenance makes polished concrete a very popular flooring choice in USGBC LEED projects.

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Polished concrete is incredibly durable, and requires minimal care to sustain the sheen and performance of the floor.

Daily Care: Dust mop daily, preferably with a microfiber mop head. Clean with a walk-behind auto scrubber containing warm water as needed. No soap or acidic cleaners should be used in the auto scrubber, and only a standard white or red janitorial pad or very soft nylon/polyester brush. No abrasive pads should be used under the autoscrubber.

Periodic Care:
Two to four times a year, depending upon weather and traffic, as well as desired shine, use a high speed burnisher with a diamond impregnated SASE SureShine 800, 1500, or 3000 grit pad to burnish the floor.

Annual Care:
Areas susceptible to staining and/or high traffic should have a lithium based stain guard reapplied and burnished in with a diamond impregnated pad either annually or every other year.

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